Let’s talk about weight… a heavy topic again (Pt 2)

So in this post we'll be talking about the other point of view, specifically "Wait, boys with eating disordersĀ is a thing?!", "But what can we do?!" and "Is it unfeminist of me to have an eating disorder?!". Also, I apologise for how messy the previous post was, so I'll set it out properly this time.... Continue Reading →


Lets talk about weight…and I know it’s a heavy topic… (Pt 1)

WARNING: TALKING ABOUT EATING DISORDERS Hello everybody! So, I'm just gonna dive straight into the deep end and cut to the chase: at the time of writing I am stuck and paralysed in bed. Want to know why? Well read on (aye clickbait sorry lol). Anyway, as a teenage girl, more frankly a millennial growing... Continue Reading →

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