Hey and welcome to my humble blog.

My name is Emma, and your homegirl over here is feeling pretty awkward about how this ‘about’ thing goes, so she’ll give it a try.

Name? Emma! (duh)


Profession? Couch potato counts right?

Favourite book? C’mon, choosing your favourite book is like choosing your favourite child.

Favourite food? Anything put in front of me as long as its not mushrooms (ewgh)

Favourite animal? I like cats over dogs even though I’m allergic to them heheh.

Favourite TV shows? The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Dr Who, 13 Reasons Why.

Favourite musical artist(s)? BTS, Loona, Aurora, Smyang, Arctic Monkeys, Amber Run, Imagine Dragons.

Guilty pleasure? Reading past 2am (not healthy btw XD)

Dream job? Sitting in the comfiest sofa in the world, reading, reviewing and writing for a living!

Describe yourself in three words? Make it four.

Fine, four words? Chatty, dorky, cringey, bouncy

Review Policy? right here –> review policy

Wise advice? Do take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously 😉

If you’ve read this far, I applaud you!

And if you didn’t guess already, I am your average, cynical and sarcastic Brit 🙂 I obviously love books, and because I’m a weirdo, I love to analyse them and review ’em too. Other than reading, I don’t have much of a social life (pfft, who needs irl friends when you’ve got the internet and fictional characters right?) so I spend my time writing, attempting to draw, watching anime and spending endless hours on YouTube watching either cats falling into baths or kpop vines.


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  1. You are officially one of my favourite people right now! That sounded creepy but I really don’t care. Also, sarcasm is amazing – by the way, if you need any help with anything or any advice, I’m here. Just want to put it out there

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