Weight… gradually becoming not such a heavy topic… (Pt 3)

Aloha! I promised you a recovery post, and so ever the humble servant I have delivered.

» Yes, it’s cliché, yes, it’s difficult, but acknowledge that everyone is different. Some people just honestly aren’t built to have thigh gaps, and ladies, your stomach pudge that you have? That’s your body protecting your future child. You may or may not want a child, but it’s your body trying to protect you. Don’t punish your body for that.

» For the kpop stans out there: girl groups go through immense training. They have horrible weight checks every week as trainees, and most of them have been trainees since 11+. So don’t model yourselves on them ok?

» Anyone who encourages you to lose weight is not your friend. Whether that be in real life or online, if it’s your friends making you feel shite, stay away. And I’m here for you so just email me whenever :3 If it’s your family that’s the problem, for the time being, stay strong.

Weight does not define your character, and if your family is not being supportive of their own relative, then I’m sorry to say, but they’re probably not the best people in the world to trust.

Instead, throw yourself into other things; make super excellent friends, join lots of clubs, become a freaking boss and own it. Dress the way you want, when you want. After all, why do you care about people who don’t truly know you?

» Don’t model yourself on models. They work in a vicious industry where everything is determined by their weight and looks- which is incredibly toxic. So no matter how glamourous their life seems on Instagram and Facebook, remember, there’s always a back story and a side of themselves their not showing. I mean, think of how carefully we curate our images online. Then multiply the pressure to look and seem perfect, and add the need to be a consumable product, then you probably have a very vulnerable and insecure person. Cara Delevigne is taking herself out of the fashion industry and apparently moving onto Hollywood, and although an equally vicious industry, I can see why she’d do that.

» Yes you may be jealous of your super-skinny friend, but one of my friends is very thin but she complains about it alllll the time. She says she hates her knobbly knees and bony hands, and she says she wants my full knees because they look better. I know, what?! But it’s true, there’s upsides and downsides to all of our bodies. Just choose something you love about yourself and LOVE it. I for one, am not ashamed to say I love my eyes, and hell, imma gonna flaunt them all I want. My eyes are green towards the pupil , but the outer ring is orange (I’m serious) and they look super awesome, especially in bright light. I LOVE MY EYES EVEN IF I HATE MY KNEES. WOOP!1!!!1

For now, that is all the advice I have. More will probably come to me later in the day and I’ll update when they do.

Just remember, someone always loves you. You may not know it, they might not know it yet, but someone will. Mum, dad, friends (saying you love your friends is cool btw. Love is love), future partner or cat, they will love you. (Me for example. I have a really strong motherly urge to look after everyone and anyone because kjsfksf idk why but it’s true.)

Comment! Like! Share! (Or do all three if you really want to be lovely).

Lots of love, Emma xxx


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