Things cacti are good for.

  2. Talking to. If you ever need a little rant, your friendly lil cactus has you back. But not literally because that hurts.
  3. If you ever need to make a teeny tiny hole in a piece of fabric. Press the fabric down onto one of the cactus’ needles and BABAM you got a tiny hole.
  4. For company. Don’t have anybody to watch the next episode of Riverdale and cheer on Bughead? That’s ok, your cacti are here to help.
  5. Warding off evil spirits. Never fear, your cacti are here! There’s probably some weird illuminati conspiracy theory that cacti help to ward off Lady Gaga’s evil twin.
  6. Pictures. You know how aesthetic cacti are? They’ll be sure to boost your latest Instagram pic to 100 likes. High five that cacti! (…best not actually.)
  7. Threatening. Example: “If you don’t stop hating on [insert cheesy sitcom, cheese or anything else] I’ll shove my cacti up your [insert unsavoury place].
  8. Sentence starters. Example: You overhear your latest friendcrush talking about cacti. *Butt in* “Hey, I have cacti too! What type are yours and what did you name them?”
  9. Inspiration. C’mon, who doesn’t like a cacti shirt? or a cacti bag? Or a cacti-inspired sofa?
  10. Blog posts. Example: “Things cacti are good for.”


Cactihi! Its Emma and I hope you liked this slightly weird post.

I’m telling ya, be prepared for tomorrow’s post, I feel like we’ve got to that stage in the relationship where I can talk about tough topics, how about you?

OH AND THANK YOU FOR 10 FOLLLOWERS! I know its not much but it means the world. šŸ™‚



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