Seven Deadly Sins – Book Tag

Cooee everbody!~

So this is my first book tag (collective ‘ooOoo’ please) and imma just gonna try it and see what happens. Let the  games  book tag begin!

(P.S, I was nominated by the fabulous Aditi @ Readers Rule, go check her out, she’s very sweet and lovely~)

Greed – what is your most inexpensive book, and what is your most expensive book?

My least expensive is ‘The tales of the beetle and the bard’ which, even though I bought it used off Amazon, it was in perfect condition (yasss). My most expensive is probably Patrick Ness’ ‘The rest of us just live here’, because its hardback and signed (winning *cha-ching*) and it was well worth it! 😉

Wrath- which author do you have a love-hate relationship with?

Gosh, definitely Rainbow Rowell. Because I am a snob, I like to think myself of ‘way too above mainstream YA books’ but… her books are very good. And her characters are so shippable, which I am SUCH a sucker for.

Gluttony- which book have you devoured over and over with no shame?

Well, apart from the Harry Potter series, it would be ‘The Catastrophic History of You And Me’ by Jess Rothenberg, and I will probably review it at some point, but its cheesier than a cheese toastie and I freaking love it (and Patrick is my husband. End of.)

Sloth- which book have you neglected reading due to laziness?

Well, it’s actually what I’m meant to be reviewing this week, but I can’t see myself finishing it any time soon. ‘Carve the Mark’ by Veronica Roth is good from what I’ve read so far (around 140 pages) but some bits are really difficult to get through, because it’s just so tedious. (I’m sorry, I’m sorry don’t hit me). Also, I’ve jumped onto the Riverdale bandwagon (#bugheadismyotp) and whilst waiting for the next episode, I’ve been looking at Jarchie and Beronica memes on Tumblr. So you know, priorities.

Pride- what book do you talk about in order to sound like an intelligent reader?

Hmm… a difficult one. I mean I am genuinely interested in science so I read this for fun, of course, but ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ I have been prone to ramble on about to make myself seem intelligent.

Lust- what attributes do you find attractive in male/female characters.

Probably mystery, and a mixture of feisty-ness and softness. (Damn right looking at you Jest, from Heartless by Marissa Meyer.) Otherwise just being nice does the trick.

Rightio, first book tag done! If y’all liked it I’ll definitely do more!

I nominate every book blog that looked at this post. (And I’m looking at stats and recent readers so I

know vaguely who you are XD) (I’m such an awesome sleuthster)

I choose you, Pikachu!

Have  nice day everyone, if you did do the book tag because of me, comment down below and I shall check them out!

-Emma xxx


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  1. Your answers were absolutely lovely Emma! I too a big fan of Rainbow Rowell. Also, I think I really gotta read Heartless now! Anywayyyy, this was a really fun post and I loved your answers!

    Liked by 1 person

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