I’ve changed my mind…

Aloha everybody!

So let me cut to the chase, I’ve realised no matter how sweet or funny I try to be I just can’t do it. Which is always nice to realise isn’t it. And, I’ve been trying to make my awkward-ness seem appealing, but ugh, I can’t do it. Not only that I genuinely cba lmao.

So, here’s the deal.

As well as writing about books, writing about writing and things all literature-ish, maybe I could use this blog as more of a personal venting space/ safe space, kind of thing?

I’m so vague haha sorry.

But things like ‘thought carousels’ and excerpts of my life and conversations and things like that? And set up chats and discussions?  How would that sound?

I just (in the least sad way) I want to be able to talk, and connect with people, and just be real on here, yanno.

So, I think that’s the plan. And as of April 2017, maybe I could set a goal to followers and stuff?

Okay, maybe not followers, but comments. I just want to talk to people and make people happyyy~~~~~

Alors, ma petit cherie’s (fancy French oioi) welcome to my little family-blog-thing. And maybe you, (yes you, you wondrous human being) could comment just a tad?

And oh hey, while we’re at it, let me a narcissistic cow and set a goal of 100 followers.

Please, thank you?

To my current followers- thank you.

Here’s a virtual hug if you want to accept it:

*virtual hug*

-Emma xx



3 thoughts on “I’ve changed my mind…

Add yours

  1. You obviously seem like such a nice person! Please use this as a venting diary – I do and it seems to work out quite well for me! If you need to talk, then talk. If you need to rant, then do it. It is your space – not limited to anything unless you set a limit for yourself

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