This weeks recommended!

Hello world!

So this week its half term in the UK, and that makes me… extremely bored. Yes, I know its an unpopular opinion, but I find school actually pretty ok. I mean, I hate some of my lessons, and teachers, and lets throw some classmates into the hate bucket, but I really miss my (very few) friends. And they’re all on holiday in fancy places like Spain or Devon (XD) so I can’t meet up with any of them… so I’ve been keeping myself occupied.

The truth is, this half term me and my family were meant to be going to Japan to see the famo but… the goddamn airline (sorry to those of you who are religious, I’m just so salty about this still) wouldn’t let me and my lil sis get on because our names were the wrong way round on the ticket. Like, surname as first name and first name as surname. EVEN though the names were right, they evidently won’t let you get on like that.And going to Japan is so important to me because I only get to see my family over there for less than two weeks a year PLUS my aunt just had another baby, AND my lil cousin just started Japanese middle school and I really wanted to go to the ceremony thing they have AND my granddads pretty sick right now. So am I saltier than saltbae? That is a very definite yes. saltbae gifBUT OK MINI RANT DONE.

So, with the drama-llama making its rounds, I’ve been keeping myself quiet so I don’t explode with anger which (ta da) means I had the bright idea of making a post on ‘this weeks recommended. (gosh I write so much I’m sorry lmao)

TWR BOOK: Heartless by Marissa Meyer. Gah this book is so good, expect maybe more than one post on it I love it so much. Its about the Queen of Hearts before she went all dynamo and cow-ish and sorta crazy and I get it. She had her heart broken and she was lovestruck and young I get it. So good. So good. (I also want it to be a film and I really want Jackson from Got7 as Jest.) (I’m such a crazy fangirl I swear I’m sorry)

TWR TV show: 13 Reasons Why. I finished it and now I’m so obsessed, I’ve taken to making memes and following a crap-ton of meme accounts (lmfao help me)(#Clannahshouldbecanon)(#Jeffdeservedbetter)(#BryceandCourtneydieinaholeplease) Also it really hits home about how a simple chain of events can really impact someone’s life and its just made me really considerate about other peoples lives and not just mine. (Also its a book gO rEaD iT.)

TWR music artist(s): Blackpink. Yes, I know they’re kpop (Korean pop music) and it isn’t everyones cup of tea and all, but FAM THEY ARE SO LIT. Their debut song , Boombayah, has really helped me channel all my anger into dancing like a mad person instead of punching a wall or crying under my duvet for days, and they’ve made me realise I’m more bi than previously thought (embrace the gay yah~). SO HECK YEAH BLACK LIKE PINK IN YOUR AREA.

Try watching this and agree with me they are lit af. (Anyone disagrees I swear lmao)


Also (and I know I’m a smol blog I’m not expecting anyone to comment) but what do we think of regular writing prompts? I know a lot of readers are also super awesome writers by night (or day idk) so would that be cool? I like writing too so…

Its just an idea XD

Thanks for reading, remember you’re super fantastical (yes I’m pointing at you) and I hope you have a lovely lovely day!

From ya girl Emma xx








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