The first post eh? Always a tricky one…

*randomly jumps out from darkness*


Alright, I’ll just give this a go.

Because its not like I’ve been staring at this blank post page for the last half an hour or anything, right? Ha, what a funny thought.

Hi! I’m Emma, and I guess you’ve found my book blog.

Yay! Congratulations and salutations 🙂

Anyways, something totally unrelated: A CIRCUS OF CHICKENS!!!

That broke the ice, right? Yeah… lets just move on.

So the point of this post is to summarise what I’ll be posting soooo (drumroll please)

This blog will have:

Book reviews!

Probably film reviews!

Excerpts of my own writing! (eek, you might be waiting a while for that one)

Writing prompts!

Topic discussions!

Maybe anything else that pops into my mind! (How reassuring lol)

So there’s the line up. Its gonna be awesome! (sarcasm)

Well everything’s awkward again…oops…

Basically, the point of this post was to put up a “WATCH THIS SPACE!!” sign. So stick with me. I should -in theory- get better at the thoughts-to-digital-page scheme 😉

So… I bid you adieu! For now…


*slowly creeps away into darkness*

P.S one (or two) things that were (and still) bothering me

1) How on Earth do people find this stuff? Like my blog? On the internet? If I went too deep, I would get all philosophical and everything, but seriously? Will these random words ever be read? (dun dun duuuunnn)

2) How on Mars are all the bookbloggers friends? Am I going to be accepted into this little cosy community? I hope so. Someone please treat me like a baby chick, thanks in advance.

oK, Ok, I’m actually done now.



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