Weight… gradually becoming not such a heavy topic… (Pt 3)

Aloha! I promised you a recovery post, and so ever the humble servant I have delivered. » Yes, it's cliché, yes, it's difficult, but acknowledge that everyone is different. Some people just honestly aren't built to have thigh gaps, and ladies, your stomach pudge that you have? That's your body protecting your future child. You... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about weight… a heavy topic again (Pt 2)

So in this post we'll be talking about the other point of view, specifically "Wait, boys with eating disorders is a thing?!", "But what can we do?!" and "Is it unfeminist of me to have an eating disorder?!". Also, I apologise for how messy the previous post was, so I'll set it out properly this time.... Continue Reading →

Things cacti are good for.

If a burglar comes into your house. HIYA HIYA THROW THEM INTO THEIR FACE AND UNLEASH A PRICKLY MONSTER!! Talking to. If you ever need a little rant, your friendly lil cactus has you back. But not literally because that hurts. If you ever need to make a teeny tiny hole in a piece of... Continue Reading →

Seven Deadly Sins – Book Tag

Cooee everbody!~ So this is my first book tag (collective ‘ooOoo’ please) and imma just gonna try it and see what happens. Let the  games  book tag begin! (P.S, I was nominated by the fabulous Aditi @ Readers Rule, go check her out, she’s very sweet and lovely~) Greed - what is your most inexpensive... Continue Reading →

I’ve changed my mind…

Aloha everybody! So let me cut to the chase, I've realised no matter how sweet or funny I try to be I just can't do it. Which is always nice to realise isn't it. And, I've been trying to make my awkward-ness seem appealing, but ugh, I can't do it. Not only that I genuinely... Continue Reading →

Review Policy

[At the time of writing, I understand am I only a small little blog but I hope this will help me to grow the blog and expand my reading horizons] ***** BOOK GENRES I CAN/WILL REVIEW: (In no particular order) -chicklit -anything YA -contemporary -short stories -poetry -scifi -horror -romance -fantasy -dystopian -lgbt+ ***** So... Continue Reading →

This weeks recommended!

Hello world! So this week its half term in the UK, and that makes me... extremely bored. Yes, I know its an unpopular opinion, but I find school actually pretty ok. I mean, I hate some of my lessons, and teachers, and lets throw some classmates into the hate bucket, but I really miss my... Continue Reading →

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