Things cacti are good for.

If a burglar comes into your house. HIYA HIYA THROW THEM INTO THEIR FACE AND UNLEASH A PRICKLY MONSTER!! Talking to. If you ever need a little rant, your friendly lil cactus has you back. But not literally because that hurts. If you ever need to make a teeny tiny hole in a piece of... Continue Reading →

Seven Deadly Sins – Book Tag

Cooee everbody!~ So this is my first book tag (collective ‘ooOoo’ please) and imma just gonna try it and see what happens. Let the  games  book tag begin! (P.S, I was nominated by the fabulous Aditi @ Readers Rule, go check her out, she’s very sweet and lovely~) Greed - what is your most inexpensive... Continue Reading →

I’ve changed my mind…

Aloha everybody! So let me cut to the chase, I've realised no matter how sweet or funny I try to be I just can't do it. Which is always nice to realise isn't it. And, I've been trying to make my awkward-ness seem appealing, but ugh, I can't do it. Not only that I genuinely... Continue Reading →

Review Policy

[At the time of writing, I understand am I only a small little blog but I hope this will help me to grow the blog and expand my reading horizons] ***** BOOK GENRES I CAN/WILL REVIEW: (In no particular order) -chicklit -anything YA -contemporary -short stories -poetry -scifi -horror -romance -fantasy -dystopian -lgbt+ ***** So... Continue Reading →

This weeks recommended!

Hello world! So this week its half term in the UK, and that makes me... extremely bored. Yes, I know its an unpopular opinion, but I find school actually pretty ok. I mean, I hate some of my lessons, and teachers, and lets throw some classmates into the hate bucket, but I really miss my... Continue Reading →

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